Enjoying Umbria

Umbria, a green region in the heart of Italy, encompasses innumerable places of artistic and historical heritage that characterize our region. Geographically dominated by rolling hills and plateaus, you can find ancient villages typical of a medieval era where time seems to have stopped. The Sibillini Mountains, with their snow-capped peaks almost all winter long, mark the Umbrian border with the Marche region.

Visiting Umbria is a bit like rediscovering the pleasure and beauty of yesteryear through old traditions which are never forgotten. The River Tiber runs through part of our region, hence the name "Middle Valley of the Tiber". The Marscianese area is right along this path.


Marsciano is a town of about 18,000 inhabitants which offers all kinds of services. Located halfway between Terni and Perugia, it is easily reached via the E45. No less important and only within about an hour's drive are Foligno, Gubbio, Spoleto and the beautiful Assisi.

The line of the Monti Martani mountain range allows us to discover other equally fascinating sights as you travel toward Foligno and eastern Umbria. There you will find the rolling hills of Gualdo Cattaneo (s.l.m. 446) and Giano dell'Umbria (s.l.m. 546), medieval towns, with traditions and customs still handed down and typical of the area. From the center of the village of Gualdo Cattaneo we can see Montefalco and Foligno, Monte Peglia, some glimpse of the Sibillini and on some days even Mount Terminillo.